When You Miss Your Soul Twin


I suffer so much the loss of my lover. But I’ve learnt some useful things and I’ll share with you.

Losing the One You Love

Cry for me is when that good love, that love that made you smile goes away. Although not the chest, but although the hands, although the lips, although the touch. Below that love without feeling the warm caress the embrace, the hand on the waist, the tightening in the back, the chill bite your ear? Lárgimas the only remains, it just gets the grip, crying collapsed behind the door for nobody to see, from nose to sniff unimpressive to anyone mocking his love of silly. Bobo nothing! Not hands, but still lives in the heart, mind, still feel the smell, the bite in the neck, the touch of the lips, the hand respectfully on the knee, kissing his forehead. And the tears come and go through the tears and the memory will gradually taking all that good love left behind.

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