Mathematic Teachers

Some very nice teachers let something here for you to learn about.
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Should I Marry a Non Believer of Exemplary Conduct, Rather Than the Believer?

This post is about a doubt. Could you please help me with this doubt? Thank you very much.
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When You Miss Your Soul Twin

I suffer so much the loss of my lover. But I’ve learnt some useful things and I’ll share with you.
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Some Tips to be Happier

We present some tips to be happier. To resume: smile!
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What is the best video game?

On a visit to an electronics store, you leave with the impression that you need a new video game. But what would be a simple choice between the three consoles (Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360), has caused doubt among fans. After all, what is the best player? “Without doubt the Wii from Nintendo”, “In terms of power, he can not compete with Xbox 360 or PS3, but still has beautiful games. And what is more important, changed the way of playing with which we were accustomed for so long”. Ah, you do not know the Wii? But certainly we have seen playing for the body sides during a game, as if inside the car. The Wii is just that: with a joystick that captures the movements of the player wishes to leave the console commands more natural, especially enticing those who have no ability to press multiple buttons simultaneously.Despite Trump’s, game makers have not discovered the full potential of the Wii and have begun to come out games where the controls do not respond well. Moreover, the island has become famous for the high number of accidents, such as joysticks hurled against television and cuts resulting from the collision with household objects.
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A Love Affair, so Hard

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IMF calls on developed nations to cut deficit at 8.75% of GDP

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) today called on developed countries to reduce its deficit at 8.75 percentage points of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the next decade, so that the debt falls to 60% of GDP, despite economic recovery have increased tax revenues.

image photo picture euro

As a group, the debts of rich countries will fall four tenths this year, but the reduction was due solely to help decrease the financial sector in the United States, said the IMF, which today published two reports on the fiscal situation in the world.
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U.S. fiscal deficit goes to U.S. $ 82.69 billion in April

The United States registered a budget deficit of $ 82.69 billion in April, a figure nearly four times larger than the deficit recorded in the same period of 2009 and the highest for the month of the entire series, said the Treasury Department on Wednesday, fair.

image photo picture dollars

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U.S. have increased in April to create jobs in four years

WASHINGTON - The U.S. economy created 290,000 new jobs in April, the biggest increase since March 2006, which followed a rise of 230,000 jobs in March - a revised elevation of 162 000. The data was released by the Department of Labor. Economists polled by Dow Jones had expected an increase of 180,000 new jobs in April in the U.S..

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Germany’s financial sector will contribute about € 8 billion to Greece

BERLIN - A voluntary contribution of financial institutions in Germany for aid to Greece with the financial crisis will be more than 8 billion euros and will include the maintenance of credit lines and holding of bonds by three years, according to a spokesman for the German Ministry of Finance Martin Kreienbaum.
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