Top 7 Ways To Make Money Blogging


Yes, you can make money blogging. Maybe not a lot of money, but it can pay for your bills. Everyone can suceed. There’s no secret and you’ll just really need to know how to get started and which blogging strategy to pursuit.This post will provide 7 ways you can follow to generate income from blogging.

They are guidelines which point out the different options you have, if you’re serious about using blogging as a method of generate income online.

1. The Niche blogs

This is the most profitable and most time-consuming strategy. The Niche method directs all your focus on a few blogs in order to make them incredibly popular. Niche blogs have large audiences as well as high daily visitor traffic numbers.

These type of blogs have a wide range of monetization options with direct advertising being a big part of it. You should know that not everyone can successfully create a big Niche blog so this route is the most difficult and try to attempt it only if you believe you have the networking skills, niche knowledge and advertising know-how.

2. Get Paid To Blog Strategy

This is very simple. Develop multiple niche blogs on your own domains or free blog hosts like Blogger, Blogspot and etc. Maintain all of them over a period of time (3 months for example) and focus on writing content and building up their Google PageRank, link profile, Technoratti and Alexa Rank.

Then you submit all your blogs to multiple get paid to blog websites like Blogitive, Review Me, PayperPost, Sponsored Reviews, Blogsvertise, LoudLaunch and then start writing sponsored posts. It is recomended to use PayperPost as they have the largest amount of paid offers available.

3. The Automated Gathering Blogging Strategy

Automated blogging is setting up blogs which automatically pull content from feeds RSS, search engines (Google, Yahoo, Live and etc) and news sources to serve as content.

There are problems using this strategy as some bloggers set this to pull full RSS feeds which does go against some copyrights and one can choose to only include excerpts with a link back to the site in question. Monetization for automated sites is usually done through contextual ads like Google Adsense or affiliate programs.

4. The Strategy Of Selling Text Links

The main source of income through this method is from selling text links to various webmasters and businesses who want to improve their ranking in Google. While text link selling works for the Niche or other blog strategies as well, sites can be built for only text link sales as well.

The emphasis here is on Google PageRank and Niche relevancy so it is needed to focus on these two factors. You can convert a domain into a text link or you can purchase a domain with existing PageRank to sell text links for a quick profit. It is suggested to looking for link buyers directly through webmaster forums (line

5. The Made for Advertisement Strategy

This is setting up a blog around a specific topic with high priced keywords (e.g. teeth whitening, car loans, health medicines). You need to create around 25 keyword rich articles about the topic, optimize it for search (with the help of the All in One SEO Plugin), set up Google Adsense or affiliate programs and then leave them alone.

The emphasis in this strategy is on building links to the specific sites, according to the long tail keywords you want to target. Search engine visitors (Google, Yahoo, Live…) will find your blog and either click on the ads or convert on a product.

6. The Strategy of Blog Network

This involves work for a blog network to get paid to maintain and create posts for blogs. You’ll get paid according to the amount of pageviews (audience), and possibly receive a base fee in the hundreds or a share of the blog’s ad revenue.

7. The Strategy of Branding

This method will apply if you have an online business or provide a freelance service like web design, copy writing or marketing consultation (or another one). A blog can be used to help to promote your personal or business brand and attract more customers and visitors.

It is an indirect method of making money, by advertising your another business online. Ideally, this sort of a blog shouldn’t have ads or paid reviews because it can tarnish the image of the brand.


As you can see, there are many strategies you can choose if you want to make money from blogs. To ensure maximum success, be sure to choose one that suits your personal style, schedule, interests and skill level.

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