Mathematic Teachers


Some very nice teachers let something here for you to learn about.

Some Math Teachers

  • “Surely it was my choice of vocation, and may even be genetic or family influence. I graduated as a Licentiate in Mathematics.
    As a student, I identified with the exact disciplines and not just for Mathematics and choosing an area I opted for it. If it were not math or physical education would be Art.
    I’ve had trouble learning the material with one of my teachers because some teachers know a lot but can not pass some content with clarity, to improve the activities redid researching and studying.
    For my students to try to better understand the contents relate to reality and try to use practical examples.
    For that matter becomes more interesting show for students in any situation, what they are learning and where they will apply and some series and content, educational games and group activities.
    Never thought I’d stop giving lessons because it is fascinating to dominate an area that is completely inherent in the human being from his birth until his death. Mathematics is part of our life (your age, your documents, …).” — Denise de Ons
  • “I like math. Plena did graduate in mathematics, the need to help my son who was struggling in math. I majored in Physical Education.
    In elementary school I had difficulties in mathematics, had to do training courses and lectures to improve.
    With my students not to have difficulties with the content I get more simple, I use the concrete Across the incentive.
    I never thought to stop teaching because I love mathematics.
    I believe that young people have difficulties because some stage of learning was not well crafted. We like boring math games, a puzzle, for example.
    My study methods was to do and redo all the exercises, never failed me.”—Janet Martins
  • “I believe that young people have difficulties with mathematics that were not worked well in the early grades. We should see mathematics as practical, wonderful in our day-to-day.
    I’ve always been very “nerd”, studied hard, too. My methods of study and memorization was worked.
    Have to study!!” — Hervezy Maya Menezes

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