Should I Marry a Non Believer of Exemplary Conduct, Rather Than the Believer?


This post is about a doubt. Could you please help me with this doubt? Thank you very much.

Bonds of Faith?

I dated a guy for three years a young girl dreams of any evangelical. He was a leader of young, blonde with green eyes, very handsome and had the fine example in our church. However, these were years of much deception, betrayals and several fights. One day he called me saying it was all over between us because he was giving filed papers to marry another. For me it was almost to death, after all, love with me he married another. Time passed and I managed to overcome the trauma. I found a wonderful person, who supports me in everything, is my friend, respect me, is faithful and really loves me. There is beautiful to human eyes, only that what really worries me is that it not be a believer. Despite an exemplary conduct. And that leaves me with the question: what do? Case with the non-believer of exemplary conduct? The beautiful green eyes and face of lamb was a wolf, and that everything would seem to be wolf lamb. And then?

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