How To Save Your Money By Not Wasting Your Time…


When some friends say to me that they need to save some money I tell them that the best way to do this is by thinking in ways to save their time.

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When you save time, i.e. when you don’t waste your time,  save your money come easily as a consequence. So I will outline here some ways to you save yout time:

Tips for saving your time

* Prioritize your tasks. Most people spend 80% of their time trying to complete 20% of their tasks. You could set aside ten minutes every day to plan your day’s activities.

* Avoid perfection. You are only setting yourself up for defeat. When you try to bring perfection to difficult tasks, you will only end up avoiding them.

* Make Waiting Productive. You will literally spend years of your life waiting– in line, for appointments and meetings, to catch the bus or train, between classes… the list is endless, and the time adds up. Find simple ways to make this time productive: keep note cards handy for review, read something useful, touch up your lecture notes, continue with a reading assignment or work on a problem set. Remember that most tasks aren’t done completely in one sitting. Make incremental progress whenever possible.

*Stop Others From Stealing Your Time. Who interrupts your work? Well-meaning friends and family can sometimes be a constant distraction. Pick a quiet, comfortable study location where you are not likely be disturbed, and tell only those friends who can preserve your space where you will be. If this doesn’t work, you might have to be more direct. Most people will be understanding about your need to concentrate on your work.

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