Come to Brazilian Carnival!


The Brazilian Carnival is internationally known. His explosion of color, warmth and joy draws the attention of tourists from all parts of Brazil and the world.

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The celebrations took such an extent in recent decades that the event is among the most important agenda of the Brazilian. There are several ways to celebrate Carnival. Everything depends on where you want to be in Brazil at the time of revelry.

Carnival In Rio de Janeiro

In Rio de Janeiro happen the spectacular parades of the samba schools. Avenida Marques de Sapucai houses a large “sambadrome,” where groups of about five thousand members in costume parade, bursting with joy and singing the samba-plot of his school. Many colors, sparkles, feathers and sequins adorn the night of the carnival, waving the crowd on the bleachers and skyboxes. In Sao Paulo, the scenario is not very different from nearby Rio de Janeiro.

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 Carnival in Sao Paulo

Following the momentum of Rio, thousands of revelers trek back to the “Sambadrome” Sao Paulo to honored with parades of samba schools, their music and his great allegories. Bringing something new every year to brighten the eyes of visitors and spectators, the Sao Paulo schools take great pride in glare and abuse the luxury of time to dress.

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 Carnival in Salvador

Already in Salvador - Salvador - the style is a little different. The huge and well-equipped electric trios trail through the streets million animated carnival, the sound of the axé music. The various bands go around the city taking countless revelers who sing and dance until sunrise. There, the festival lasts much longer than the official three days, the fun begins a week earlier, with the pre-carnival, which serves as a warm-up for the hottest.

image photo picture brazilian carnival

Currently, no matter where, the famous carnivals of the most famous capitals of the country clubs or at dances around the interior, the structure for visitors is also becoming better. Large chains, inns, hostels and campsites offer comfortable places to rest after a good binge, serving all tastes and pockets. Dining options also not wanting. You can find from the most sophisticated restaurants to simple snack. And most importantly, with people always willing to serve well, be a local resident or tourist.

Carnival in Brazil is thus synonymous with joy and celebration, besides the excellent infrastructure and unparalleled hospitality of the Brazilian people.

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