All About Ford Mustang: The Most Succesful Car In Automobile History


The Ford Mustang is a car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. Based on the contemporary Ford Falcon compact car in the beginning, production began in Dearborn, Michigan, USA, on 9 March 1964 and it was introduced to the public on 17 April 1964 at the New York World’s Fair. Media exposure included being televised nationally by all three American television networks existing on 19 April 1964. It also appeared as a character’s auto in the famous James Bond film Goldfinger in September of 1964.

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The Mustang had the most successful car launching in automobile history, selling, in its first eighteen months, more than one million cars (yes, 1,000,000 cars). The Mustang created the “pony car” model of automobiles — the sports car’s “long hood, short deck” design. It spawned competitors, the Camaro, inspired imported coupés, the Toyota Celica and Ford Capri. The Mustang car remains in production after four decades-worth of stylistic and technologic revisions.

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Problems  in Ford Mustang.

 There are many known problems in Ford Mustang. Here we will list 25 of these problems that have known fixes :)

1 Broken Seatbacks

2 Leaking Cowl Vents

3 Sticking Seat Tracks

4 Slow Window Regulators

5 Stubborn Door Locks

6 Squeaky Upper Control Arms

7 Blinking Headlights

8 Leaking Windshields/Backlights

9 Rough Idle, No Power

10 Charging-System Woes

11 Power-Steering Leak

12 Parking Brake Sticks/Doesn’t Work

13 Sloppy Manual Shifter

14 Sloppy Automatic Shifter

15 Door Won’t Stay Open

16 Clutch Fixes

17 Braking Upgrade

18 Engine Runs Hot

19 Instruments Acting Weird

20 Rock and Roller

21 Power Windows Quit

22 Turn-Signal Switch

23 Harden Your Seats

24 Battery Apron Rusts Out

25 Air Everywhere


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In the next week we will post the solutions to these most common problems.

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